MBBS Course Details

The curriculum as prescribed by the Medical Council of India.

No Academic Year Part Phase Duration (years) Semester
1 I M.B.B.S. Pre-clinical 1.00 I & II
2 II M.B.B.S. Para-clinical 1.50 III, IV & V
3 Final M.B.B.S. 1 Clinical 1.00 VI & VII
4 Final M.B.B.S. 2 Clinical 1.00 VIII & IX
5 Internship Post-examination 1.00

Semesters are of six months duration each during I / II / Final M.B.B.S. {Part I & II}. And of three months duration Internship training is distributed into four quarters of three months duration each.

Note: Ward teaching in clinical begins from III {II M.B.B.S. I term} and extends up to IX semester {III M.B.B.S. III term}.

Each semester comprises of approximately 120 days of teaching with 8 hours and 30 minutes of teaching work. Examinations are taken at the completion of the respective terms and ward postings throughout the courses of study. Preliminary examinations based upon the pattern of the respective University examination for I / II / III {Part I & II} M.B.B.S. are taken before the University examination. As per the current guidelines of the University, minimum 75% attendance and 40% marks are required to be eligible to appear at the University examination.