Hospital Facilities

In 1987 the hospital started functioning with meager 50 beds as a General Hospital and upgraded to 156 beds in a span of few years. Departments like ICU, Dental Unit, Physiotherapy, NICU, Blood Bank and Hemodialysis were gradually added. Now we are a 650 bedded facility providing a wide range of services to people at Valsad and nearby districts. We are proud to have well equipped functional OTs serving more than 1500 patients per month. Our ICUs, Laboratory and Radiology Departments are equipped with state of the art technology. Well planned Outpatient and Inpatient services provide quality medical care. Fully functional HMIS is helpful in managing the patient records.

Indoor Bed Distribution

Speciality Beds
General Medicine 150
Pediatric 90
TB Chest 20
Skin & VD 15
Psychiatry 15
Total Medicine & Allied 270
General Surgery 150
Orthopedic 90
Ophthalmology 15
ENT 15
Total Surgery & Allied 270
Obstetrics & Gynecology 90
Grand Total 650